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12am Heart Of The Matter
1am The Outer Space with Colin C
7am Crystal Fusion with Colin McCall
10am Ryan Sturrock -
Hits and Rareties
12pm Melodies for You - Ian Lees
1pm Themed Tunes - Dale Mackenzie 
2pm Johnny Ward - Pentland Folk
3pm World Music with David Arul
4pm Emma's eTunes -  Emma Hedley
5pm The Hits that Missed - Tom Lowe
7pm Crystal Blues with Eric Platten
8pm Mix Tape by Steven Hedley
10pm Sheriff’s Classic Tracks and/
or Atlantic Waves - Ray Nelson


12am On Screen Off Screen -
Movie reviews
1am The Outer Space with Colin C
7am Colin McCall and Crystal Fusion
9am Travel the Backroads with
Lew Alpaugh
10am It Could Be Jazz - with Doe
11am Heart of the Matter
12pm Sheriff’s Classic Tracks and/or
         Atlantic Waves - Ray Nelson
2pm Crystal Ceilidh with Gordon
3pm Ralph on the Radio
6pm E-Tunes with Emma
7pm Whats Up - with Trish and Zoe
9pm Margaret’s Book Corner
10pm Between the Tracks -
Bionic Bob


12am The Week in Holyrood -
Charles Fletcher
4am Dick Barrie
7am Colin presents Crystal Fusion
9am Themed Tunes - Dale Mackenzie
10am EPCD selections from
Eric Platten
12pm Mouth Meltdown from
Viv Craggs
2pm B - RAFF Show
4pm Stafford's World via Mark Stafford
7pm The Eurovision Show
introduced by Simon Harding
8pm Rave on - Ryan Sturrock
10pm Keep Rockin' - Mark Snodgrass


12am  Folk and Roll from
Ross MacFadyen
2.00am The Outer Space with Colin C
7am CW McCall Presents
Crystal Fusion
9am Margarets Book Corner
10am Ryan Sturrock Introduces
Hits & Rarities
12pm The Hits that Missed from Tom Lowe
2pm Classical Call presented
by David Arul
4pm John Ward Presents Pentland Folk
5pm Tea Time Tracks with
Kevin Rafferty
7pm Mark's What's On
in the Lothians
9pm Tyre Tracks with Mose
10pm Could Be Jazz with Doe
11pm Folkal Point with
Colin MacDonald


12am Folkal Point continuous
7am Crystal Fusion - CW McCall
10am Folkal Point with
Colin MacDonald
12pm Entertainment Vibes
from Donald Scarr
2pm Theme Challenges by
Dale Mackenzie
3pm The Week In Holyrood
4pm On the Weekend with
Mike Marwick
6pm Let's Get Together from Norman Ross
7pm From D to D featuring
Dale and Donald
9pm Crystal Ceilidh with
Gordon Young
10pm The New Music Show
by J. J. Kane
11pm Travel the Backroads
with Lew Alpaugh


12am Classic Tracks or
Atlantic Waves
2am Clutter Free
7am Weekend With Eric
9am Bubbles introduced
by Katie
10am Whats Up with
Trish and Zoe
12pm JJ Kane's New
Music Show
1pm Mix Tape from
Steven Hedley
3pm Pentland Folk with
Johnny Ward
4pm The week in Holyrood with Charles Fletcher
5pm E Tunes favourites -
Emma Hedley
6pm The Eurovision Show with
Simon Harding
7pm Crystal Blues from
Eric Platten
8pm Bionic Boab is
Between the Tracks
10pm Mike Marwick with
Rock n' Roll Saturday


12am Stafford's World
with Mark Stafford
3am Clutter Free
7am Weekend With Eric
10am  On Screen! Off Screen! -Van Connor &  Becs Perfect
10am Travel the Backroads - Lew Alpaugh
11am Heart of The Matter
12pm Melodies for you with
Ian Lees
2pm Mouth Meltdown from
Viv Craggs
4pm Dick Barrie on
Sunday Afternoon
6pm Paul Clark presents
60s Cult Weekend
8pm On the Weekend with
Mike Marwick
10pm The Folk and Roll Show Ross Macfadyen

Just some of our Crystal Presenters who help to keep this radio station running 24/7

Dick Barrie

Sunday 4 - 6pm & Wednesday 4 - 6am

Its Dick Barrie


Dick has enjoyed a long and successful radio career, working for BBC Scotland and Radio Clyde before spending 35 years with Radio Forth. He joined Crystal FM in June, 2014. His programmes have received several national and international awards. He was the first Scot to receive the (Nashville) CMA’s “International Broadcaster Award” (in 2000) and is a friend of many artistes and music industry professionals.

Ryan Sturrock

RAVE ON! - Wednesdays 8 - 10pm
HITS AND RARITIES - Monday & Thursdays 10am - 12 noon

Ryan, the original boy wonder


A lifelong music fan and vinyl collector, Ryan brings his varied musical tastes to the airwaves of Crystal FM. Although in his twenties, don’t expect anything from the recent top 40 on Ryan’s shows. On Wednesday nights, Ryan presents Rave On – a solid two hours of Rock N Roll from the 50’s and early 60’s. On Monday and Thursday mornings, his Hits and Rarities show offers a blend of Country music, big band, singer songwriters, and local artists. As the name of the show suggests, there are some hits, plus an abundance of album tracks, B-Sides and obscurities.

Paul Clarke

60’s CULT WEEKEND - Sunday 6pm


Clarky is a Veteran Radio Presenter and has Broadcast for many years. An Original Crystal FM presenter from the Stations commencement, Clarky's specialist 60s programme is a mix of Hits and Rarities featuring Pop,Northern Soul, Motown, Psych, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Reggae and much much more.

Colin McCall

Crystal Fusion Breakfast Show - Monday to Friday 7 - 9am


Station anchor man Colin McCall  hosts The Crystal Fusion Show jammed pack with community information and news items that you may have missed, local weather and traffic information.
Featuring alternative music from the norm, local bands, artists, interviews and features.

Mark McCreadie

What's On in the Lothians' - Thursday 7pm


I've always had an interest in being a radio presenter and I'm delighted this has come true. With a brand new show coinciding with my Facebook page, 'Mark's what's on - Lothians'.
I am able to bring you the best of what's on in your area over the weekend and beyond. My show highlights include new emerging music, community news, Joke of the week, and your special requests and personal dedications.
This is a fun packed show for anyone that likes to hear new music by new singers and bands from around the local area and beyond.
Are you are singer songwriter looking to get noticed, then the medium of live community radio could be just what you are looking for to get noticed. Why not contact me at
My  sessions are usually one hour long and from 8.00 till 9.00pm on a Thursday. 

Mark “Snoddy” Snodgrass

Wednesday 10pm - Midnight


Snoddy presents the CrystalFM Rock Show every Wednesday.
If you love your rock and metal music, then this is the show for you.
Focusing on the glory decades of the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s as Mark brings to you hours of ear bleeding savage sounds.
Send your requests through the Facebook page "The Rock Show with Snoddy"
Less talkin’, more rockin’..

Ross Macfadyen

The Folk and Roll Radio Show - Sunday 10pm


Ross Macfadyen has produced radio programming for the past 12 years, but has been a confirmed anorak since he was 16.
Ross joined Celtic Music Radio 95FM in 2008 and from 2011 until 2018, he was Music and Programming Director.

As a voluntary position, this role included doing a little bit of everything there is to do at a community radio station. Central to the role was curating a music database of over 20,000 tracks and formulating playlists.
His own musical tastes are eclectic, ranging from Mozart to Motorhead and all in between.

Founded in 2018, The Folk and Roll Radio Show has grown out of the philosophy to play any music, as long as it’s good. A typical quote about Ross’s shows is “You never know what you’re going to get next” (Aileen, Edinburgh).
So, from programme to programme, the sound may be different, with a little bit of Americana, Singer/Songwriter, Traditional and contemporary Scottish and Irish, Country, Pop and Rock.
But rest assured, there will always be plenty of Folk 'n' Roll!

Kevin Rafferty

Tea Time Tracks - Thursday 5pm


With 57 years on this planet. I must over a two hour period have something useful to say, why not listen in and decide for yourself.
I will play almost anything as I rely on you the audience to choose the music - I suggest the theme and you pick the music relating to that theme.
Rock, cover versions, musicals, Scottish, love, disco, the list is endless.
I have an audience that covers the world, from Canada, USA, South Africa, Germany, France, New Zealand and of course Scotland and Penicuik.
It's easy to get in touch either Facebook or Twitter Kevin@Crystal FM,
email or call the studio and speak to me direct on 01968 676386

Johnny Ward

Pentland Folk - Thursday 4pm & Saturday 3pm


Originally from the Shetland Islands and now residing in Roslin. A retired teacher who has been involved in the entertainment profession on a part time basis for more than 40 years. This in the main involves performing music both with bands and individually in many different establishments."Pentland Folk", a show which provides a wide variety of entertainment mainly belonging to the folk music category.

Brian Rafferty

B - RAFF Show - Wednesday 2pm


My show is a mix of local news, travel and weather and some business information as well. The music is a mix of styles, my favourite band are Runrig and I play their music regularly (usually every week!)
If you would like a request get in touch with me at the studio by email or by telephone 01968 676386 during the show. 

Bionic Boab

Between the Tracks - Tuesday 10pm & Saturday 8pm


Bob has been involved in Radio for decades. Not only as a keen listener but also behind the microphone. He loves the 1960s when British popular music flourished, nurtured by offshore free radio 'pirate' stations - The Beat Fleet!
As the 1970s saw a resurgence of radio ships in the North Sea, a more diverse choice of music became available to the listener.
Recall the magic when Bob introduces "Between the Tracks", a 60s / 70s mix of music. 

Nigel Duncan

Daily reports Monday to Saturday 7 - 9am


Our roving reporter is experienced journalist Nigel Duncan who has more than 30 years of experience working as a reporter and sub-editor with a number of top Scottish newspapers including the Daily Record and Sunday Mail, Scottish Daily Mail, The Herald, Scottish Daily Express and the Edinburgh Evening News. 

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Your donation will be made to the PENICUIK COMMUNITY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. They are the licence holder for Crystal FM. Please note: donations can only be made by PayPal at this moment in time.

Address  (new from 7/8/20)

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